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  • What is your preferred country, area or basic route e.g. Namibia, 'Mountains and Waves' and the basis of travel e.g. 'Explorer' (please bear in mind that certain areas of certain countries are not recommended at certain times of the year):
  • Please indicate if you would like us to include your flights and if so, which airports and which airlines in order of preference:
  • Please tell us your main objectives while on your trip i.e. scenic, photographic, curative, cultural, game viewing etc. (if you are a professional photographer, we do have one vehicle specifically equipped for this. Please refer to our website for details):
  • Please give as much basic detail of any previous travel experience (not only in Africa):
  • State whether you or any other drivers in your party have completed any driving courses (give details please):
  • Please tell us briefly what you did not enjoy about any previous holiday or safari:
  • Do you or anyone travelling with you have any phobias or fears that we should know about:
  • Considering all those who would be travelling with you how remote and how adventurous would you like your route to be? (On some routes you may not encounter another human in many hours):
  • Would you like daily contact with the base or would you prefer to only call in if you have trouble?
  • Please indicate what level of comfort/amenities you would expect bearing in mind that some campsites do not have flush toilets or running water and some lodges are at 2 or 3 star level because of their remoteness/uniqueness:
  • Please indicate what insurance you would like us to add. (You are already covered for Third Party and vehicle theft, fire and damage with N$ 65 000 excess (refer Rental Agreement for details)):
  • Having had a look at our travel tips on the website have you any further requests or questions for us regarding your planed trip?
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