Be a true explorer with routes that take you off the beaten track and into the heart of Africa


If you don’t have a specific route and destination in mind, let us do it for you. We’ve gleaned the best local knowledge to create the most time- and cost-effective routes different in length and purpose. We know that the best way to let Africa get under your skin is to wind the window down and drive at a leisurely pace, taking the time to watch the game that crosses your path or stopping to take in an awesome view. Every sample itinerary is designed with this in mind, so you can easily choose the one that suits you most. Or use it as a base and ask us to adjust it to your preference.

For your convenience each itinerary is calculated in three price levels:

Stranger – The most affordable and exciting way to explore wild Africa. Staying at campsites all the way, with the exception of inexpensive hotels every week or so.

Discoverer – Reasonable balance between price and comfort. Hopping in mid-range lodges/good hotels every 4-6 days will uncover that barefoot luxury feel that is unique to Africa. Without exploding your budget.

Explorer – Lavish take-no-prisoners approach to comfort even in Africa. Mixing fancy lodges with top-rated camping sites every 2 or 3 days will keep you in luxury comfort without compromising on the adventurous side.

At present, we focus on Namibia, Zambia, ZimbabweBotswana, Mozambique and South Africa. Select the options below to browse the itineraries for each country. If you have your own ideas that you want us to incorporate in a tailor-made itinerary, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Please note that our bases are in Cape Town (South Africa), Windhoek (Namibia) and Maun (Botswana) and a one-way journey between any of them is possible at no extra cost. Relocation of the vehicle to any other place for pick up or drop off will be charged extra. Drop us a couple of lines outlining your priorities and we’ll design the most cost-effective itinerary for you.

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