Extensively upgraded Land Cruisers providing enhanced safety and reliability

A core inspiration in creating Techpro Safari was to develop a safari vehicle that would offer the highest standard of safety, reliability and ease of use. We knew that to really get the vehicle we dreamt of we’d need two things: a fantastic base vehicle to start with, and expert customisation and design work to lift the vehicle to a whole new level.

The first part was fairly easy to get right as we quickly identified the Toyota Land Cruiser 70s Series, The King of Africa, as our ideal base vehicle. Once that was decided, we got down to an extensive upgrade and redesign project that covered everything from the mechanical and electrical systems to the fittings and safari equipment.

Custom Land Cruiser safari vehicles for hire
Custom Land Cruiser safari vehicles for hire

What’s on board

One of the first things you’ll notice is the raised OME suspension and rugged Cooper tyres. These upgrades give the vehicles better ground clearance and grip, resulting in improved road handling and a safer drive.

Inside the vehicles you’ll find VHF radios, inverters and strategically placed USB ports to charge cameras and laptops. A GPS system and satellite phone ensure you’re only as lost as you want to be and can call for support if needed. Fire extinguishers, custom-built console, silencing floor mats, and top-end seat covers with lot of pockets complete the picture.

All camping equipment has been hand selected for its reliability and ease of use. A two-person roof tent unfolds securely on a platform over the vehice, while a ground tent offers accommodation for two more. You get a full complement of luxurious bedding for restful  nights under the stars.

Something you’ll notice after a day or two of use is that everything in the vehicles has its place and is easy to reach and use. Our specially designed bags and containers keep all equipment neat and secure, meaning you won’t have to scrabble around trying to find things when you need them.


Our vehicles can take up to four people and are suited to a wide range of uses from family holidays to scientific field trips and expeditions. We also have a dedicated photography vehicle with A-shell roof tent, external camera mounts, sliders, gimbal head and an electric hatch in the roof enabling you to work without leaving the safety of the vehicle – just what you need when shooting Africa’s Big 5 game animals.

Custom Land Cruiser safari vehicles for hire

Drive off into the sunset with peace of mind

When you set off on your self-drive safari you’ll do so knowing you have a vehicle that is superbly prepared  for the terrain you will encounter and which pushes the boundaries in terms of safety and reliability. It’s also a pleasure to drive and to live from on an extended journey.

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