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Remember Bartolomeu Diaz, our 112 WP, 4×4 Luxury Cruiser, sadly taken from our Namibia base over the festive season in 2020? Well, thanks to the continued support of our clients, we’ve been able to build its replacement!


We’re excited to bring to our fleet Bartolomeu Diaz II, our new 102 WP 4×4 luxury cruiser addition. Compared to our other vehicles, this vehicle has a much lighter setup, making it our most affordable vehicle hire option. Now don’t get us wrong; minus a few amenities, the 102 WP luxury cruiser addition is kitted out to the same TechPro Safari luxury standard as our other vehicles. This vehicle option really depends on your trip objectives — if you don’t need all the additional equipment and premium amenities that our other vehicles include, then the new Group L Cruiser will suit you perfectly.  


We’re putting the finishing touches on our new rig that will add to our fleet of awesome safari vehicles. Some of the things we’ve done to make this vehicle special include:


  • Upgrading the tyres to Cooper tyres.
  • Raising the suspension with Old Man Emu to enable better clearance and road handling on rough terrain.
  • Installing chargers and USB points throughout the vehicle.
  • Fitting a custom rooftop tent and camping equipment.
  • Custom-built and installed storage units and kit bags to hold everything securely.
  • Includes a multitude of safety gear, 4×4 recovery equipment, and camping amenities. 

For a full list on what our new 102 Luxury Cruiser includes visit our Luxury Cruiser page or contact a TechPro Safari team member




If you’re looking for the best of the best in overland travel in Africa, you found it! Compared to other vehicle hire companies in Africa, we’re the company that ticks all the boxes in safety, comfort, and luxury 4×4 travel. All our vehicles are customized and fully equipped to travel the length and breadth of Africa, easily withstanding even the toughest terrain. 




Everyone knows that half the fun of going on an adventure is getting there in style, and with our  4×4 safari vehicles, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Ready to explore Africa? Book your next adventure today! Our overland 4×4 safari fleet is waiting to take you on the journey of a lifetime. Contact us today to learn more about our fleet and how we can help make your next trip one to remember.

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