Meet your Africa safari adventure partner


Hello, it’s great to meet you here and to be able to tell you a bit about ourselves. We are a group of passionate Africa travellers and vehicle nuts who have poured thousands of hours and huge resources into creating an epic safari vehicle that will take you just about anywhere in safety and comfort. We wanted the best for our own trips, and we believe you should enjoy the best too.

If you’re happy to climb in a vehicle and head off on your own mission that’s great. But if you’re looking for a bit of direction we’ve got that covered too. Our special destinations and travel itineraries are designed to bring you into direct contact with Africa’s majestic landscape, ancient cultures and fabled wildlife.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and have a friendly chat about what kind of adventure you’re dreaming of.

Our booking office is based in Windhoek, but we also have bases in Maun and Cape Town – thus you can plan your route beginning and ending at any of these places in any combination you like.


Techpro Safari began as a dream by a campfire under a starry African sky. What would it take, wondered seasoned Africa traveller Dmitry Rudenko, to create the ideal safari vehicle? A vehicle that wouldn’t break down in the middle of nowhere because it was unsuited to the terrain and poorly equipped. A vehicle that was safe, easily maintained and a pleasure to live from on a long journey in remote lands.  As the embers of the campfire died down and the night grew cold he realised that the vehicle he was dreaming of didn’t yet exist. It wasn’t on any showroom floor waiting to be bought and driven away. To create the ideal safari vehicle, he would have to take the best of what was available – and make it better.

And so he began searching for off-road fitters and engineers – anybody who shared his passion for creating the ideal expedition vehicle. His search led him to Paul Marsh and R&D Off-road, a specialist off-road fitment and engineering firm based in Cape Town.

With Paul’s long experience in creating adventure vehicles in several continents they quickly honed in on the ideal base vehicle to begin with – the Toyota Land Cruiser. It was unbeatable for reliability, comfort, ruggedness and adaptability. From there, they planned an extensive modification programme to bring the vehicles to the right fitment and performance levels. Everything from the mechanical and electrical systems to the tents and camping equipment were upgraded, redesigned and modified to create a system that worked perfectly and gave the ultimate in safety and quality.

With the first Land Cruisers fully upgraded and kitted out, Techpro Safari was born and the first part of Dmitry’s dream was realised.

Now the dream is to offer these vehicles and travel programmes to you so that you too can experience the magic of your own hi-tech Africa safari.

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